Crash in VariAudio on C6

Last night while working on a vocal line in variaudio, stretching a few notes to line up my singer’s harmony better with the main melody, C6 crashed. Win7 invoked the “compatibility wizard” and said that certain changes were made to how C6 is run to prevent further crashes. (Note: this is not about running in Vista, XP, or earlier mode, but it does wrap certain system calls.)

Anybody else seen this?

I had exactly the same experience under exactly the same circumstances a few hours after initially installing the C6 upgrade about four weeks ago.

Win 7 made a similar comment to me about it having fiddled with the “compatibilty” but, when I checked the C6 properties, I could see no changes having been made.

The issue has never re-occured so whatever Win7 (if it did anything) seems to have resolved whatever originally caused the execution crash. C6 has behaved impeccably ever since.


Yes you can’t see anything in the compatibility tab, it’s in the registry I think. Win7 traps certain kinds of crashes and wraps certain types of calls to prevent GPFs. Cubase won’t have the same crash again because Win7 is preventing it.

It should still be fixed though!

Ive seen that here also.