Crash& installment of New 8.0.20 update

I have several issues. I would like to start with this one first. How do
you install the new 8.0.20 update fro Pro 8. I updated it to my system,
but when i open the installer its tells me no changes were made. Its not
installing. I wanted to ask is there a procedure to installing the new 8
pro update, because I can’t open my projects.

  1. I’m trying to also load my old songs from a previous version of cubase
    into pro 8. Its cubase 3. How do I do this. My vocals won’t play when I
    load the old version into the new version

Thanks in advance for you help!!
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Hi and welcome,

Are you using Mac or Win? Are you sure, you are using the common installation path, or did you change it? Sometimes, if you don’t have the common installation path, the updater can’t find the source, what should be updated.

Which version of Cubase do you currently have?