Crash Logs/reports?

I need some help to investigate some crashes in Cubase 10.5.10 Mac.
I have been working full time the last week in Cubase 10.5.10 but today I wanted to reorganize my VEPRo set-up on my PCSlave…
This has been 8 hours of crashes!
I first suspected VEPRo7, but now I can see that there are maybe a connection between Cubase performing an autosave, with VEPRo7 COUPLED, and the crash.
But there are NO logs. Cubase just quits, no nothing!

Anyone knows where to look for crash logs from Cubase? (Mac).

I also suspect Roland Cloud to cause some troubles, anyone with similar experience here?

HD/User/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports

Look for a crashed thread. In that thread you will find the bad guy

You can disable Autosave in Cubase in the Prefs as well. I just Command S here all the time

If you just upgraded to Cubase and the problem starts, well :open_mouth:

anyone know which log to look for - there are many different kinds - does it have to say cubase in it or not?