Crash + No Autosave in Cubase 11

This, Steinberg, this is ALL your fault. Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, Cubase starts behaving weird and freezes some stuff and you’ll want NOT to save the session but just run the last autosave? Are you people serious about the way you do things?

Context: Macosx Catalina, Cubase 11.0.10, I’m working on the final automation touches on my mix session (working for the last 4 hours). The track I’m working on has W(write auto) on, I’m opening a new plugin on that track, search for a preset and notice Cubase is writing automation on that too, because the plugin has W enabled since it’s on the track(which is stupid, it’s a new plugin, the track should have W on only for whatever fader volume and mute, I can enable W in a new plugin by myself, thank you!). Whatever, I notice it wrote automation and click ONCE the UNDO button in my mixer (top left) and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. It tells me that the auto data that I’m supposed to undo can not be recovered later. OK, I press that, nothing happens, the dialog box doesnt move. I press it again, it freezes and presses it by itself another dozen times. I then click cancel a few good times and the dialog box finally disappears. I’m looking at the auto data in my main windows and I CAN’T SCROLL!!! I can’t see what it’s done, what it has undone, the scroll feature doesn’t work anymore. Panicked, I quit Cubase without saving(because I don’t want to open a crashing session, right?). Well, Cubase deletes EVERYTHING I’VE WORKED ON FOR THE LAST 4 HOURS, including autosaves and data. What the hell? Are there files in the trash? NO! Can I possibly recover my work? No!!! Is this a glitch that Steinberg didn’t solve and lead to this? Of course! That’s how you lose hours of work! Thank you, Steinberg! Thank you so much!


I’m not defending Steinberg here but
saving project with different names [from time to time] is a good habit.
Doesn’t matter what program do you working with

kind regards Alexander

Hi Alexander,
I’ve got about 5-6 mixes(aka projects) in that folder, from projects for tracking(because, again, Steinberg didn’t want to put a stupid button to GLOBAL DISABLE and not bypass inserts to reduce plugin latency) so I can go back and re-track something if I feel that there’s something wrong during mixing stage. Cubase autosaves, I’ve set it up to autosave loads of times, but put yourself in my shoes, where you’re concentrated on the mix(automation in my case) and you rely on Cubase to autosave everything every 5 min, and then a glitch like that happens and you can’t do anything about it. Of course I should have saved and closed the session and reloaded the last autosave.bak file, but who thought they’ve set up Cubase to delete everything if I’m not saving, at least a freaking “trash” subfolder within the project’s would help in this case.
On a different perspective though, if you accidentally create a new project or a test project that you won’t need and don’t save it it still writes down the folders and subfolders and forgets to delete them in that case.
Do you know what I mean when some things are just silly?
Can I rant about not having a freaking mono/stereo track button?
Or a detailed audio performance table with each insert consuming how much cpu?
I won’t even dare ask for a console saturation within Cubase’s mixer like PT’s Heat or Studio One’s.

It’s the simple things that matter, and they matter more when someone like us pay a yearly update of 100e to get a beta testing software(because that’s what they do from November until February) with a few new features which are hardly worth the cash.
500e Cubase Pro + 100e every year from 7.5 until 11. I think we deserve a bit of respect, don’t you?