Crash Notification

I keep getting this message when opening Dorico 5. The weird thing is that Dorico has never failed to open or crash when closing. It also seems to be working just fine-even with NPPE and my VST libraries. Anybody else seen this? Of course, I always send the report as asked. It is weird, though.

Yrs, and I have already reported it. Do you use PianoTeq 8? It seems it’s causibg most of those (invisible) crashes at shutdown on my system…

@laughreyg , it’s good that you send the crashes to us, but they end up in pool where it is difficult to trace them back to individual cases. Therefore, please do in Dorico from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thank you very much.

Will do. It doesnt happen every time, but I have never had Dorico crash or fail to work perfectly. I don’t use PianoTeq8; mostly Synchron Prime- either with their playback template or, now, with NPPE. Marc- thanks for letting me I’m not the only one😉 BTW, it NEVER happened before Dorico 5, and I’ve been on the same Windows 10 PC/system setup since 3.5.

I got a “send to Steinberg” crash message today. Here is the Diagnostic report.
Dorico (1.9 MB)
Dorico still went on to open and work just fine.

I get a lot those messages too and I don’t use PianoTeq8.

Version 5 is otherwise a blessing !!

Hi @Emmanuel_Cambier , could you please also post a diagnostics report? Thanks

Hi @laughreyg , when you get that message then Dorico detected that during the previous run something has happened. That it then just continuous to load fine is normal, but it could as well run into the same trouble again as in the previous instance.
I had a look at the diagnostics and there is a crash file of the audio engine. The pattern of the callstack I see is totally new, I’ve never seen such like before. From what it looks like, the crash happened while Dorico resp. the audio engine is shutting down anyway, so most likely you would not even have noticed about it, if Dorico would not have told you about on the next run.
At this point I can’t say really something about why that crash happened, so we have to keep an eye on it. Please send me again diagnostics reports if Dorico comes up with that alert at start up but instead send directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Hi Ulf,

Here it is :
Dorico (1.1 MB)

Thanks @Emmanuel_Cambier ,
your case is different again. The diagnostics contain 3 crash files of the audio engine. One of them is our own bug, but we have already a fix for that, which will soon come out with the next Dorico maintenance update.
The other two are crashes within third party plug-ins, namely Superior3 and ModoBass2. In a zip file I’ve attached the two crash files and marked them accordingly. Please report to the plug-in vendors and pass them on the corresponding crash file (*.ips) (17.5 KB)

Thanks Ulf,

I will do this ASAP.

Thanks so much Ulf. I’ll do that. Fortunately, Dorico runs without a hiccup😉