Crash on editing master pages

When updating my old master pages Dorico 5 keeps crashing doing this maneuver:

  1. Double click in a text box to open it for editing
  2. Clicking outside the box to close it again.
  3. Computer hangs and finally Dorico crashes

Mybe I should just trash those master pages and create new ones in D5…

It might help the team if you click Help > Create Diagnostics when reopening after a crash, and attach the zip file here.

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Yes, please provide us with your diagnostics so we can see what manner of crashes you’re experiencing.

Ah, sorry, I missed to attach the crash logs. Here they are.

the file was too big to post here so I’ll give you a download link instead.
Dorico Diagnostics

Could you please provide the project(s) in which you’re editing the page templates and experiencing these crashes? It looks from the crash logs like it might be font-specific.

There was definitely something weird going on with the fonts, also affecting the duplicate paragraphs I wrote about in the other post. So now I’ve removed and recreated all the custom paragraphs I made in previous Dorico versions. After that I haven’t had any such crashes anymore and also no duplicate paragraphs.