Crash On Export/Audio Mixdown

This isn’t happening on all projects, just one in particular. I thought for sure that it was the new plug-ins I’ve been using, but after deactivating them all – and then deleting them entirely from the project, I still get the dreaded “Cubase 8 has stopped working” message on mixdown everytime. Is it possible for plug-ins to interfere after they’ve been removed? Maybe they corrupted the file? I don’t know… project plays fine otherwise.

I’ve deactivated/deleted every plug-in in the project
Changed my buffer settings
Cleared preferences (does that even matter in 8?)
Cleared any automation in use

Appreciate any suggestions.

Intel i7-3770 @ 3.4Ghz
Windows 7

Try setting the mixdown to “realtime” and see if it works. That usually works it for me.

Appreciate the tip, but I did try that too to no avail.

Hey there,

Got the same problem as you described, have you ever found the solution?

I wonder wether it could be a 32 bit plugin that messes up the mixdown on a 64 bit system… Had problems with the new Kontakt 5 because it had the 32 bit dll in the 64 bit cubase vst file. It caused kontakt 5 to say there is no space though only a few instruments were loadet.

Now the thing that is new are a few new plugins… But what can be bad about them if they officially belong to kontakt 5? Everything works fine till I want to mixdown, then it suddenly breaks up at around 50 oercent… Really would love a solution for this…

Hi. Bumping an old thread cos I just got the same problem. Was it ever resolved?
W7 32 bit with all 32 bit plug ins here. :question:

I had the same issue on one project only. I have an all 64 bit system and plug-ins on Windows 7. I finally got around it by exporting as a new project. I could then treat the new project as a 2 track mixdown to master. Every other approach appears to lock up the computer. I never found another way to get this project to mix.

I’m having the same problem. Exporting solo vocal tracks for a whole song & it’s crashed 3 times so far. Annoying!