Crash on flatten arrangement - anyone else?

Truth be told it’s with VEP connected - is this a known issue for Cubase? Do I need to render my virtual instruments to audio prior to flattening the arrangement?


Could you share the crashlog file, please (via PM and Dropbox link)?

Absolutely, how do I do that?

You are on Mac as I can see.

In the console find the craslog file. Copy it to Dropbox and send me the link to the file via PM here.



I mean Console utility of mac OS.

Open Spotlight, type Console. Console application opens. On the left side open the User Diagnostic Reports, and find the Cubase crash. Drag and drop this file (directly from the Console’s left panel) to your Dropbox folder.

Ahh ok, the issue is I don’t think it’s logging it as a crash. The last Cubase crash shows a date from August so i know it’s not this one. It just freezes (spinning wheel of death, albeit colorful wheel), and I have to Force Quit. But I don’t have an opportunity to report the log file because it is not created.

I disconnected it from VEP as well and still crashed so I know it’s not VEP, it’s simply crashing on flatten arrangement.

This isn’t an issue for anyone else? Without fail Cubase freezes as soon as I go to flatten the arrangement…


Could you try it in Safe Start Mode (reset Preferences), please?

PM’d again