Crash on import audio

Hi Folks

Since upgrading to 10.5 I can no longer import audio. As soon as I select the option from the menu the porgramme closes. This happens both on my Imac pro and my Macbook pro. It happens regardless of wether I use my external audio itnerface or the inbuilt mac one.
Is anyone else having this issue ?
I raised a ticket with support two weeks ago and have yet to have any reply.
I have the latest versions of the elicenser and Ilok and my mac os is bang up to date.
This has stopped me in my tracks as I can’t use cubase at all.




This is an known and already reported issue of Cubase 10.5.0 and 10.5.5. As far as I know, this had been fixed with 10.5.10 update.

This crash appears only when the dialog appears. Drag and drop works as expected.

Thnaks so much I thought i’d updated to the lates version but now I have its all working fine.