Crash on load (plugin verification)

Here are 2 crash dumps I’m getting when trying to load a project that loads good in 10.5.
Not sure what is going on.



I’m sorry, none of the link is working. I would expect the whit-spaces are the issue. Could you ZIP the DMP files, use any name without the spaces and share it again, please?

I uploaded again without spaces. Previous link works too… ?



Both crashes are the same:


Please, get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer.

Ok, thanks… Those ones aren’t supported anymore.

For anyone concerned that is the Solid State Logic SSL 5.1.3 VST3 version plugins no longer working, but the VST2 version still works fine.

I have the same problem in both Cubase 11 and Nuendo 11.

Did you fix it by removing the (version 5) SSL Channel plugins?

I had to remove the 64 bit vst3 version (from the Common files/vst folder Windows).

Thanks… It was the SSL Duende v5 that crashed my Cubase 11 (and Nuendo 11).
Only problem now is to load the Vst2 version instead, as I do think we loose the settings when changing versions (I have used it in 100s of older projects - to many to go through/change out in an older Cubase version).
For my newer projects I have used the SSL Native v6 of corse (since its release).