Crash on loading project - *solved* weirdly


A project I’m working on will not open now (crashes after the load dialogue box is ‘finished’ loading - project will not actually open.)

I have the crash report log, but this forum doesn’t seem to accept the .crash file extension.

Can anyone at all help? I am so close to finishing this project and none of the .bak files will load it either - everything crashes on loading.


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Ok so I took action based on advice floating around on previous forum posts… And moved my VST plugins folder so Cubase had no plugin folder to point to, and voila the project opened (without plugins loaded obviously). So I’ve read the way to find out which one I is is by the process of elimination…

Is there a better way? I have the crash log - does anyone know how to interpret it?

If you haven’t already seen, the quickest way to isolate problem plugs is to divide the whole lot in half(ie: move half to a different directory/rename). If it loads OK then add half the remainders (so another quarter of the total number).

If the first half stalls then halves that and reload. In this way it really doesn’t take too long to find out a troublesome plug even with a large number.

Sharing the crash dump with Steinberg could be helpful for both parties. You could even post it here.

Thanks djw. I had seen that ‘half’ process of elimination and thought it was clever. before embarking on this however, I thought I’d take a ‘time out’ to finally organize my plugin categories in Cubase (via plugin manager)… doing this (organizing them by creating a new collection) actually fixed the issue! Serendipitous indeed.

of course the issue still remains - why this happens in the first place unexplainably. I will post the crash report here.