Crash on match to Chord


I select about 10 notes in score/key editor in Safe mode and it crashes. Here is the video


Here is the crash file: (32.6 KB)
Anyone is experiencing this?


Can you reproduce it?

Unfortunately I can’t resolve the crash dump for some reason. Nothing happens, when I try it. I also tried to reproduce it, I made a similar MIDI Event (even with the Staccatissimo symbols, which were also selected while calling the Match with Chord Track function), but it doesn’t crash here on my side.


When things like this happen, I do it manually. As you know nothing is as important as exception handling when I comes to software development.

Steinberg team must do a better job error/exception handling and testing. This happens often and sometimes due to wrong handling things by user, I remember I had an event on lucked and trying to open it and finally did and crashed on me.

The proper way to handling situations like this would be for instance: alarming ( a pop up menu) the user that your event is locked, to change it
Past two weeks, I had cubase 6 or 7 times crashing and I have reported every single one of them. No reply so far. I have put C10 to save my project every .5 minute!

I am going to write a separate post about this.

Thank you,


Martin, I wonder- could this be is the old layout bug? (chikitin is on a Mac, but the log doesn’t have the .crash extension )


What bug exactly do you mean, please? Could you refer to a JIRA number or link here on the forum, please?

Yes, the crash doesn’t have the *crash extension, but it seems, it was just copied to the TXT file (it happens very often on the users side). :wink: To the first point of view it looks like proper *.crash file (just different extension, which is totally OK).

But just to be sure, @chikitin, could you please attach the source *.crash file(s)?


Please send me a links via PM.

It also might be, something is in conflict at your system.

Thank you guys! There are the 22 crash files since Feb 3 ( in one month). (689 KB)