Crash on MIDI input


I am delighted to see the updates in version 1.2, and I thank you for all your great work making a scoring application that already produces more beautiful and usable output than anything else I’ve ever used.

At present, I am getting repeated crashes as soon as I press a key on my MIDI keyboard to input a note or chord. I’ve attached the crash reports and application logs, as well as the Dorico project file in which I was writing.

I updated Dorico to version 1.2 (I was still using the previous version earlier this morning) and still the same problem persisted. I tried rebooting the computer, and power cycling the MIDI keyboard. I tried quitting the application, disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable from the MIDI keyboard, and starting over again to no avail.

The keyboard is a Yamaha MOXF8 connected directly via a USB cable (no USB hub), and the computer is a 13-inch MacBook Pro (retina, mid 2014) with 16GB of RAM running MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.1.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

David Chávez
Chavez crash files (764 KB)

More info: I also tried updating my OS to the latest incremental update (10.13.2), updating the Steinberg USB MIDI controller to the latest version, reinstalling Dorico, letting the eLicenser clean up, and more. It appears the issue is only happening on one flow in my project; in the other flows, I am able to enter notes using the MIDI keyboard normally. Unfortunately, the problematic flow is the one which is most important at this point in the project.

I also tried duplicating that problematic flow and working in the duplicate. I also tried creating a new flow and then copying and pasting the notation content from the problematic flow, with the same error resulting when I tried inputting notes via MIDI keyboard.

I also tried using a different MIDI keyboard (an Akai MPK mini Mk2) with the same result.

Thanks for the data and the many infos, Dave. We’ll have a look at it on Monday.

Thanks for any help you can provide. As I said, the new functionality in Version 1.2 is useful and I look forward to resolving some of the small technical issues. I just discovered the flexible Add Interval popover and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Could you try installing the Snoize midi monitor and capturing a log of the incoming midi messages? We’ve had some reports of a large number of messages causing problems, but we need to get a better idea about what’s actually happening.