Crash on Open Mix Console Window (F3) on Cubase Artist 12

Upon searching the forums, I found this was a repeating issue on Cubase 8, but on newer versions I didn’t see any report on this, so opening a new thread.
As the title says, there is a crash when hitting F3. Strangely, closing Cubase app and launching sometimes solves it. Other times not. Same goes for system restart.
Attaching some crash dump files.
Help is appreciated.
Cubase Artist 64bit 2022.8.17 (1.1 MB)
Cubase Artist 64bit 2022.8.6 (1.1 MB)
Cubase Artist 64bit 2022.8.13 (979.2 KB)
Cubase Artist 64bit 2022.8.17 (888.1 KB)


Make sure, you have the latest update installed, please.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable Preferences], please?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I’m using the latest update (12.0.40).
Did as you suggested, and got another crash.
The crash dump is attached.
The audio interface I’m using is UR22C.
Cubase Artist 64bit 2022.8.19 (1.2 MB)


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Some of the DMP files point to the UR C extension. Make sure, you have the latest Steinberg TOOLS installed, please.