Crash on "Open" OS X 10.10.5

C8 latest, 64 bit

Load C8, open 1st project - OK

Close project. Select “Open” from file menu, immediate C8 crash. Every time.

Anyone else getting this?

yeah… i have to close the program before opening a new project of the program will crash

i’m using elements 8 on OS X 10.10.4

I can’t find any workaround for this. Most of my projects are based on projects from older versions of Cubase, and I thought that might be a cause, but it happens with a brand new C8 template, with no audio and just some Waves and UAD plugs loaded.

This is making it impractical for me to start using C8 64bit - I was actually quite happy with C8 32 bit but since going to Yosemite I have the black windows when I close a plug-in (see other thread here)

After many months of sticking with the old OS, I thought it would be safe to upgrade. WRONG.

Too many problems with Cubase on Mac at the moment.

Make sure you’ve updated your e-licenser to the latest version.

Go check -

Thank you so much! I don’t know why I didn’t to update the e-licenser - I usually do. Perhaps the install should generate a message to remind us to update?

This does seem to have largely fixed the problem, I opened and closed a number of different projects, I did get one crash but nothing like as bad as before. looks like it will be finally possible to use the 64 bit version!

Spoke too soon.

Been overdubbing a range of songs with a client today and C8 64bit crashes EVERY time I try to open the next project.


Update in case it helps anyone else: it’s caused by an older Waves Waveshell, I have Build 15901 from 2013.

I don’t doubt that this will have been fixed in a more recent Waveshell, but of course to get it I have to pay the invidious WUP fee of $300.

I really think this may be the end of the road for Waves for me, after investing £££££ over the last 20 years. I still like their plug-ins, but WUP is just too much of a rip-off.

/rant mode off

Credit where credit’s due.

In the past Waves support didn’t exist unless you were fully paid up on WUP.

Well, I raised a support request and got a response, with a link to the latest Waves version, even though my WUP expired in January.

Thank you, Waves support.

Seems to have fixed the crashing on open problem.