crash on opening projects due to incompatible VSTs

It seems that a 3rd party VST plugin passing the new Cubase 9 plugin “validation” is still no guarantee of stability?

In my case it was tcelectronics’ LM2N loudness meter plugin.

It is not blacklisted, but crashes Cubase 9 immediately on instantiation or loading a C8.5 project which uses it.

I have uninstalled the plugin and notified tcelectronics support. I guess asking them to check their plugin against the 5 or so major DAWs is fairer than asking Steinberg to test against all available 3rd party plugins.

It would be great if Cubase could somehow sandbox the plugins so they can’t crash the whole DAW?


You could have merely moved the dll. out of the plugin folder path. Just so others know…


I’m on Mac, so it was a question of removing and replacing .vst files from library/audio/plug-ins/VST (and VST3) until i found the one that was causing the project to crash on open.

I think this is what they call paying for a guard dog and then barking yourself :slight_smile:

Another apparently incompatible plug that Sentinel lets through

SKNote Strip3. (WinVST) (Not really a commercial release version to be fair)

Did u get anywhere with this? I just emailed TC with crashlogs, i had been sticking to Cubase 8.5 for work, now I’m moved to 9.5 the LM2n is indeed crashing as described…after ALL this time since your initial report?! That doesn’t bode well…

Wouldn’t suprise me if TC have done sweet nothing, their reputation preceeds them.