crash on quit

Nuendo 5.1.1 mac
MacPro OSX 10.6.7
fresh install osx & nuendo

Upon quitting Nuendo with session open a crash report appeared. See attached report
crash on (15.9 KB)

got this crash again, just opened and quit same session.

I’ve had that happen before. Most of the time I’ve traced it to hardware, either missing or changed.

What do you mean missing or changed?

Turns out just closing the session causes the crash. So this is either a valid bug or session corruption as other sessions don’t crash.

Just happened again during use. quit on me right after a save. Before which I noticed my Euphonix (piece of juck) mc control was blank. Right after crash the faders popped up… hmm…
crash during use, Euphonix fader jump up (24 KB)

Random crash again, just removed a track in my session and bam…

Steinberg, can you tell what might be at fault in this crash report?
remove track (22.1 KB)

THIS happen to me too, 85 - 90% of the time.

Great, I’ve got a brand new fresh install of osx and nuendo and crashing occurs. Love it.

Yes, probably hardware related. Also could be a driver issue due your new OSX. Check all your audio hardware and any other added cards (video, FW, etc.) for new versions online. It seems like when I update OSX sometimes, it screws drivers up. Sometimes they’ll work for a week or more, then out of the blue quit. Today I traced my failed Shuttle Pro to an outdated driver, even though I’ve been using it flawlessly for 6 weeks since using a new Mac.

I’m not. Newbee to software. I’ve only installed the latest versions.

You may not realize that a piece of hardware is not connected (a video card, firewire drive, etc.) that Nuendo is referencing. A driver could also be at fault.

I’d love to hear from a programmer that can interoperate the crash report rather then speculate.

I have seen this behaviour for a long time, and try as I might, I cannot pin it down.

Some projects close fine. Others crash on quit.

I’ve noticed some other weird things though.

In the last 3 months or so, I’ve put all my VSTi’s into VEPro, but this hasn’t stopped the crash on quit - or (even more horribly) crash on close.

Once my work settles down, I will try get a repro on this… though I don’t know if it is possible…