Crash on selecting empty bar


when I attach on a note a “non vibr.” and “con sord” on a whole bar rest before the note and when I then select the bar with the rest, then Doric crashes. I created a small steps to reproduce example.

See attached example. Select bar 2 (the one with the rest) with a mouse click into lines (not the rest), then the application terminates.

Regards, Felix

Uh, where’s the attachment?

I don’t know. I uploaded the file already twice :frowning:

Felix, make sure you zip up your project before you attach it. .dorico projects can’t be attached directly, but they can be if you zip them up first.

Next attempt to upload a file to reproduce the crash (199 KB)

Thanks for the project. I’m unable to reproduce the crash but I can see something slightly suspicious, so I’ve asked the team to take a look.

Felix, could you possibly zip up and attach the .dmp files produced when Dorico crashes for you in these circumstances? You’ll need to follow the steps to make sure Windows saves crash dump files. See the question “Dorico is crashing. What should I do?” in the FAQ thread.

Since I’m also on Win7 I tried this and get the crash, also on a virgin file… dmp attached.
Dorico.exe.9112.rar (303 KB)