Crash On Shutdown (Windows 10)


Windows 10 Pro.

I’ve suffered for years, since perhaps Cubase 7 or 8 with two possibly related symptoms. So it’s not version-specific.

  1. Sometimes, when I go back to my PC after it has been left overnight, The sound stops. Everything else ‘works’… meters go, transport, recording, etc. But no sound without re-starting Cubase. But that is NOT the point of this post.

  2. After a certain period of time, Cubase will refuse to gracefully shut down. It seems to go into an endless loop in Windows Task Manager. I simply End Task and re-start but… it’s a pain because various settings are not saved unless the shutdown goes smoothly.

Anyhoo… what I just realised is that, according to Task Manager, the offending child process is “VST Plugins”. So… does that give a clue? Perhaps a plug-in is to blame?

I have never before considered this possibility because I usually only use ‘big-name’ plugs like ToonTrack Superior3, Ivory, Komplete, etc. And it happens regardless of which combination of these I’m using.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot… once and for all? Is there a Crash Log I can get when I End Task which is useful to Devs? If so, how do I obtain it.