Crash on startup with updated Steinberg licence for Simon Philips Jazz Drums

There are vouchers in your account for a transfer to Steinberg Licences for Simon Philips Jazz Drums

this DELETES the one on the elicenser - which is very irritating if you use versions of cubase or nuendo that is not Steinberg Licence aware !

Moved my licence across and when starting Nuendo 11 you get an additional ‘unlicensed’ error -which you would expect because N11 (windows10) can’t see the new licence BUT additionally I had a “Serious Error - Crash Dump” as soon as the missing license error message pops up.

2nd boot seems ok.

Anybody testing this stuff @TimoWildenhain.

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Wow, another twist in the Steinberg Licensing saga … I see a bunch vouchers now.

As a test, I chose Zero Gravity, which went from this:
… to this, after I redeemed the voucher:
Hadn’t seen that before. Then, in SAM, activation went to this:
After a few minutes and a few refreshes, it became this:
… and then finally, I could activate it:

Perhaps I’ll take a day off to go through all of this …

possibly a precursor to Absolute 6 release ? - it would be embarrassing to release it and still be relying on the dongle ?

and looks like they are (annoyingly) wiping the dongle licences when you ‘upgrade’

They said they did this with the ‘upgrade’ to the Avid codec for ‘licensing reasons’, which seemed plausible…but that’s not true with these. You basically lose backwards compatibility with older products.

Yes, I’d imagine so. Happy to take the pain though. I missed that your OP was about Nuendo 11, I no longer have (Cubase) 11 installed, so all I can say is that the upgraded licenses have so far worked OK in Cubase 12.

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yes - was just annoying to lose the dongle licence and then get a Nuendo crash when it tried to sort it sefl out (or whatever) - haven’t had an actual, real-life crash for a long time.

N12/C12 won’t see the lack of the elicenser license as an issue - and neither will latest Groove Agent / halion etc.

N11/C11 will just flag it as a problem during startup and it will be missing from the media tab…

It’s a bit like burning bridges though - and Steinberg have been very good about licences being backwards compatible, even with C12/N12 you got to keep our C11/N11 licence.

They’ve obviously decided not to continue doing that - so no rolling back if there is an issue. Considering the woeful lack of proper beta testing before release - it’s a dangerous game.

SB have taken a conscious decision to do this though - which is a shame IMO

Quick update, the “deletion” only seems to happen with content sets. I had a standalone Padshop 2 license on a seperate USB-eLicenser and was able to upgrade that without losing it:
N.B. this was a seperate Padshop 2 license, not the one that comes with Cubendo.
Same VSTi, different license.

all the licences that I’ve ‘upgraded’ so far (such as Retrologue) have kept a licence on the elicenser.

As I mentioned, AVID DNxHD removed it, for Avid licensing reasons.

So a bit sad to see them doing this with content sets now.