Crash on startup

I re-installed Windows 10 over the weekend, and now I’ve got to trying Dorico again and it’s crashing at startup. It was a clean Windows 10 re-install, so Dorico should be starting from a clean slate. It looks like it’s failing while setting up the audio engine - could it be that it’s making false assumptions about my audio hardware?

Crash dump and application log attached.

Neil (310 KB)

I can’t parse Windows crash dumps myself, alas, but the standard advice I would give you is to try downloading and installing ASIO4ALL to see if that gets you past the crash. If you have a built-in Realtek audio adaptor, then this should almost certainly get you up and running.

Thanks Daniel. Unfortunately with ASIO4ALL installed it’s still crashing in the same way. I have my on-board Realtek audio adaptor disabled, as I use an external MOTU Ultralite MkIII. I’ve tried launching Dorico with the Realtek audio adaptor enabled too, resulting in the same crash.

I’m sorry to hear that, Neil. I’ll ask my colleagues to take a look at your crash dump files and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.

Paul has been able to gather some information about the crash you’re experiencing, and it appears to be failing when trying to create the “Dorico Projects” folder inside your user Documents folder. Can you check the contents of your user’s Documents folder, and make sure that there is no existing file, folder or shortcut/alias in there called “Dorico Projects”, and if there is, rename it to something else, then try running Dorico again? If it still crashes on start-up, then please manually create a folder called “Dorico Projects” in the Documents folder, and try running the program again.

Obviously Dorico shouldn’t crash if it encounters that condition, and we’ll add some protection against this specific problem in future updates.

Aha! Existing file renamed, problem fixed!

Thanks Daniel and Paul!

That’s great to hear that it’s now working. The question remains as to how a file of that name came to be there. I’ve put in a fix to catch this in future updates.