Crash on vsti specific

Dorico 4.02 and previous D4 version crashes when I run severals specific vsti.

Dorico 3.5 has no problem with same vstis.

Sometimes one off them launches but in a minimum window making it unusable, no access to any parameters.

Generally speaking, each others vsti thrown, including halion, appears for a second, then disappears before reappearing again. What does not seem to be normal behavior.

I’ve checked also the authorized plugin page , eveything look fine (I’m using Dorico since V.1)

I can’t attached my diagnostic report here (too big to be attached).
I can’t continue to work with D4, back to 3.5 for now.

Thanks for your help.

Are you on Mac? If so, are you on an M1 Mac?

If the answer to both of these is ‘yes’ then perhaps it’s because you’re not running dorico under Rosetta mode. (If everything you’re using isn’t m1 native, then dorico must be launched using Rosetta.)

Alternatively, are the vsts in question vst2? As these are no longer supported.

No sorry, I’m on PC W10,
and yes those vstis are vst2 64bit,
but some of them like kontakt still work on D4.02

Can you please send the diagnostics to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ or use a file sharing service like e.g. DropBox?
Or you could also break up the diagnostics zip into smaller chunks.

@denis.jacquest , thanks for the diagnostics. Contained are 8 crash dumps of the audio engine and the crashes happened in the VSTinstruments
Caribbean Keys VSTi.dll 2 times
Quino y Conga-64bit.dll 5 times
-Tres Cubano.dll

The crashes happened inside the plug-ins, so there is nothing that we can do about. Please contact the corresponding plug-in vendors and hand them the crash dumps over (to be found in the Crashes subfolder of the diagnostics), they have to fix it.

If you stay away from those 3 plugs, you should be able to use also Dorico 4.

thank you very much,
I will contact those vendors,
unfortunately I use those 3 vsti on all my projects.
But something change in the way D4 use the vsti, they are all working fine on 3.5

That is very unfortunate for you, but sorry, there is nothing we can do.
Maybe if the vendors of those plugs find something and can pin point to a certain area they could contact me. But as it stands now, there is nothing we can do at the moment.