Crash - Option to Export MIDI??


I was wondering, is there a way to open up a cubase project file without loading vst instruments? I went through a full re-format of my PC and re-installations of Cubase and vst instruments with updates only to find out my project file still won’t open. My guess is that is has to do with the vst instrument of ‘Play’ running ‘Ministry of Rock 2’.

But in any case, I would like to very much be able to copy and past or export my midi files and start a new save project file and take it from there. :confused:

Temporarily Rename the VST plugins folder.

Just move all the VST dll files to a different location temporarily. Open the project and Cubase will tell you they’re all missing. You can of course also just move Play and see if you can then open the project.

edit: Thinkingcap wins again :frowning:

Thank you thikingcap and Strophoid and I should have thought of that because I’ve done that with VST effect files before.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: