Crash out of the blue - Cubase 11

So, I had another crash with Cubase in MacOS Catalina, and it happen out of the blue, I didn’t do anything except going to stock channel strip on one audio track. I’m putting the crashlog here and I hope that someone can help me why does it happen.
Cubase 11_2021-11-30-163940.crash (382.6 KB)


This is very weird crash file, I have never seen anything like this. There are only Cubase (and plug-ins) related strings. Did you modify the *.crash file, or do you use any specific tool to do this?

In any case, because of this, I wasn’t able to resolve the *.crash file, sorry. Do you have other (proper) file, please?

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Hi, I’m surprised by your answer since the file is completely unmodified. I went to Console, then Crash Reports, then saw Process Name “Cubase 11”, right-clicked it, then went to “Reveal in Finder” and copied that here. Is there something else I had to do?

That crash log is very weird. Ive NEVER seen a crash log look like that either

  1. Do you have the latest e licensor app installed?

  2. I would reinstall Cubase as well

What Audio Interface are you using?

Can you explain to me what is so weird about it? I’ve hardly done anything crazy to my system or Cubase. I’m using Apollo Twin Quad MKIIk, which is visible from the crashlog. eLIcenser version I have is
Today I had another sudden crash, which happened during render in place. Here is the crashlog
Cubase 11_2021-12-01-110539.crash (254.5 KB)

Really, I post crashlog and I only get “that is very weird” and that’s it?

Your CRASH LOGS are never filled with a bunch of ??? for the threads so YES its VERY WEIRD. Your Crash Log shows its CUBASE crashing.

If you look at this crash log you will notice there are no ??? on the threads
VstScanner_2021-11-26-183434_Shanes-iMac.crash (332.9 KB)

2 things here which I already MENTIONED.

    Install the latest elicenser.


and a 3rd I would do
3. Trash the Cubase preferences

Im on an Apollo Twin MKii SOLO here so same same with that

Shane, you may want to tone down your aggression. I didn’t know what was “weird” until this last comment where you say that “???” on threads are weird. OK, that’s better than just saying “that is very weird”. You know, some of us make music with Cubase, and are not programmers, so some things are not given that we will know. I’ll remember though in the future to refer to it as “crash logs” and not “crashlogs”. I sincerely apologise for the disturbance that that caused you. :slight_smile:

Don’t read too deep Billy Im trying to help you.

When I looked at your crash log it was very odd. So I found one of mine for you to check it

Did you even try those suggestions yet?

You are most welcome