Crash, removing instruments from percussion kit

I want to remove all the instruments from a percussion kit, but when I remove the last one Dorico crashes.
Thank you in advance for any suggestion.
Stefano Rabaglia

What happens if you remove the kit altogether rather than one instrument at a time (and create a new kit before or after, if necessary)?

I loose all the music that I’ve entered.

As a work round, create a new instrument and copy-and-paste the music into it.

I don’t use percussion much, so I don’t know if there is a better work round. I’ve had one or two crashes trying to drag a percussion instrument to another player in setup mode, but I tend to assume that’s because I don’t really know what I’m doing when working with percussion kits!

I must be missing something: If you remove all the instruments from a kit, wouldn’t that de facto remove the music too?

If you remove an instrument from a kit held by a player, it becomes a separate instrument held by that player. If you remove all the instruments one at a time, you can then delete the empty kit without losing any music (but of course you have lost a lot of flexibility in how the music is displayed).

The crashes I have had were when trying to move a percussion instrument to another player, not removing it from a kit but keeping it with the same player.

Thanks everybody.
What Rob Tuley wrote is correct. The problem is that I can’t remove “all” of the instruments from the kit. When I try to remove the last one Dorico crashes, so the kit will never be empty.

If you would like us to investigate this problem, Stefano, please attach the project together with details of the steps required to reproduce the problem, and we’ll figure out what’s wrong.