Crash report any tips?

hey guys does anyone know what is triggering this crash? happens alot to me lately on Cubase 13.0.3 Pro. M1 Max Macbook pro with Sonoma 14.4.1

Thanks in advance
Cubase 13-2024-04-01-100229.ips (287.9 KB)


When did this crash happen, please? What were the last step before the crash? Can you reproduce the crash, please?

unfortunately not I cant remember and im too deep into the project :frowning: is there not a way to reproduce it from your end? or does it show any red flags from any of the plugins I used?


Sorry, as I don’t know the steps you did, there is no way to reproduce it. The crash happened in Cubase (not in any plug-in).

I reported it to Steinberg. Maybe the crash will point to something.

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