Crash report+CrashDump Dbl click on close button on Main menu bar cause Freeze/Crash

Before I can deploy Cubase Pro 12 to our composing suite I need to exhaustively test it as I can not have it crashing in the middle of a clients writing session.

With a test project open and maximized so that only one close button (red square with a X), I double clicked on the close button twice.

This caused Cubase to freeze and I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete > Task Manager to force it to close.

This has produced a Crash Dump.
Cubase 64bit 2022.3.9 (624.6 KB)

What happens if you safe start with 3rd Party VSTs disabled?

Hi @steve

In safe mode with 3rd party VST’s disabled, I tried six times and I was unable
to replicate the freeze/crash.

That means the problem is in a VST.

Use the so-called split-half method:

  • Disable half your VSTs
    – restart Cubase
    – if you can’t repro
  • Enable the disabled VSTs, and Disable the other half of the VSTs
    You should be able to repro.

Do it again and whittle by halves till you find the culprit

Thanks Steve

That will have to wait for another day as tonight is family time and I kinda resent doing Steinbergs work for them as I am not a beta tester.

I was posting these crash reports so they can fix the issues for the update releases. and the sooner the better.

I will say that what ever plugin it is, it runs perfect under Pro 11 which has been solid as rock for since the day it was released, so that tells me that something has been changed within Cubase Pro 12 that is causing the issue.

I can not remove a plugin that our customers have requested or come to expect just because of an issue in Cubases programming.

Curb your resentment. 3rd party VSTs are not under the control of Steinberg.