Crash report related vsl synchron player etc. when try add new end point

I use Windows 10 Pro and i think latest Dorico Pro 5 and Synchron Prime template and i think all other related files are up to date.
If i not messed things totally this is correct crash report from earlier case. i use synchron prime template when i try add end point for solo violin. when i try add plugin to it. i dont even started change other things what is needed. there is also many other instruments what need develop own end points (and in this case for example VSL special edition vol 1 plus have one what i wanted use). Now Going check what happens older Dorico Pro 4.

Dorico (599.8 KB)

Seems happen also Dorico Pro 4. and i found when i look back in my desktop i see window what says instrument end point not found or something like it. and i get larger than my display is in x axis window what is very small what shows some buttons (what not shown fully) what are i know in their graphical style are something steinberg patch handling and etc releated. like it cannot open plugin even opens fine if use template factory content and plugin works also my daw fine. i really want get this end point thing work. Add least happens few times:
i found somehow when used other instruments at end point and change it then this VSL synchron player its not crash.

But when i open end point window there is no name Assigned Instrument even track is Violin track. understanded end point names are from edit instrument names dialog if so there also like start of stave reads what i experct Violin and Vln (for short name). and when i add trumpet to this project (what have allready expression map as we know) same happens no this info and no suitable expression map selected. but when i do new project and
add trumpet this trumpet works way what i expect.

When i add edit playback template expections with suitable entry i get solo violin thing way what i meaned but even now is problem how i do override what is applies violin sections (for example) not solo sounds instrument overrides i see only possiblity do it for solo sounds not sections/ensembles.

ps. i know partly goed outside original problem what also needed solved but still realted same main basic issue custom playback. and devied i lot of times writen overdrive when i meaned override.

I’m afraid there are no crash dumps in the provided diagnostics, so there’s nothing I can directly look into there.

What i can do this to get crash logs ?
And can you or anyone else help with this how do playing template for ensemble type instruments ? not only solo instruments.

I’m afraid I can’t quite follow what you’re asking for with regard to the setup of playback template you’re after. I would recommend checking out the existing Discover Dorico sessions on creating playback templates:

i looked earlier another video about topic this playback template. but i try again say what i mean:
i mean there is insturment overrides in window called: Edit Playback Template
but if i need replace section sound from another entry i dont know how do it instrument overrides for sections/ensembles but for example trumpet i getted it work. there is no suitable instrumentover drive setting.
i mean if use form example base VSL Synchron Prime template but want replace strings from library x. how i do it? these overrides i cannot add section/ensemble instruments. and i allready looked one Steinberg videos without luck about this. when i change Violin what i imagine is solo sound also violin ensembles go this playback setting not only solo violin part.
Edit Playback Template dialog (

I tried do all what video says making template without luck and ihave own thread about this thing.