crash report // scrollable menus


On the Facebook forum I reported that for me it wasn’t great that the 3.1.10 upgrade has made all menus single-colum. This requires a lot of scrolling for very long menus, and in my case, I’m having real problems with very sluggish scroll-wheel scrolling, and the little error at the bottom not always working. I just experienced a crash doing just that, so I’m attaching a crash diagnostics report, in case somebody could find some time working out what might be the (my?) problem.


Dorico (610 KB)

Unfortunately there’s no crash report included in your diagnostics. Please follow the steps in the FAQ thread to make sure that your computer is configured to create minidumps when Dorico crashes.

Oh, rats. I did, although a while ago. Apparently I need to redo this registry update from time to time (i.e. after a Windows update, or after a Dorico update)?

I don’t think a Windows update would affect it, but I guess it’s possible.