Crash reports and weird device setup screen

Crash reports attached. Lots of vst audio engine crashes again all of a sudden. This was amazingly stable for a couple of weeks when the elicenser fix was first released in November. Not so much anymore. I notice that the announcement of this fix which was in a pinned post on the forum is now gone. So I assume this is a known issue.

Also, I am on a new computer since 12/1, I get a strange description of my audio device in the device setup screen. For the built-in output, it is showing Stereo output as “1,” instead of “1, 2” or something to that effect. See attached. In all cases the output works as a stereo device as expected so I assume it is some string parsing issue somewhere. I notice in some other apps, the device port 1 is called “1” and the device port 2 is called “Output 2”.

Dorico (469 KB)

That “strangeness” in the device setup happens on all newer Mac models. Apple made changes to the built-in audio device and now the operating system reports the right output with just an empty string, therefore it looks strange there, but in the end it works like expected.

For the crashes, they are all in the same location and happen when shutting down the audio engine process. We have seen this stack trace before with users of VEPro. You seem to not using VEPro, so it must be some other plug-in that is causing this. A plug-in is holding on to pointer to an audio engine object which causes then a crash. In order to avoid such situation we made a change on the audio engine side which will become available with the next Dorico update.
In the crash report I can see that you are using Pianoteq. I would leave that out and see if it still crashes. That could be the offending plug-in.

Thanks. I’ll use another device for a while and let you know if I run into problems. It does fit the symptoms though. I started using Pianoteq a lot in the last few days. Wasn’t using either VE Pro or Pianoteq since the licenser fix until then.