Crash Sectralaysers7 if I load any audio file

Hello, I have already installed the trial version of SpectraLayers 7 several times on different PCs, reinstalled it after completely removing the software and sometimes downloaded it again for this purpose. Various settings tested, but repeatedly a crash occurs when I open audio files. What am I doing wrong?

Is this in standalone mode, or in conjunction with another editor?

I only tryed in stand alone mode, because I don’t know how to use ARA at Cubase 10

I don’t know what could be causing your problem, unfortunately. I’m using SL Pro 7 on Win 10 with Reaper, and in standalone mode, and my files always load in SL. The program never crashes.

Could it be that the PC is already too old (i3-2120, 3.30 GHz) or that the main memory with 4Gb RAM is too little?

I wouldn’t try to use SL with 4 GB of RAM, despite what it says in the official spec sheet.

I was struggling with a PC with 8 GB of RAM, and an HDD as my main drive. SL definitely struggled processing large files, but it didn’t crash. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a PC with an SSD as a main drive, and 32 GB of RAM. All of my problems have disappeared.

ok, this is a much better configuration than I am using it.

So I will try to test it with extremely small MP3 files. I believe that the message “no feedback” flashed once in the SL status window.

I would like to thank you very much for your effort and wish you a healthy 2021

The MP3 file is 8 seconds long and minimized to 128 kBit. SL continues to crash. Unfortunately I can’t find any support at Steinberg who can be complained about by email. Unfortunately, my English is not very good for a conversation.
Does anyone have another idea? Or the contact to the German support

If I discover anything I’ll post back. But, right now, I’m stumped.

Have you tried opening a PCM <.wav> file in SL. If that works, transcode the MP3 to a PCM.
Generally it best to avoid lossy file types for editing anyway. MP3 is an end user format.

I already tryed WAV and diffenrent MP3 Files

I discovered several months ago that files rendered in Acon Digital Acoustica would neither play in my solid state recorder, nor could be processed in other audio editors because they would cause the other programs to crash. Just something to think about.

I also overlooked something, you can also create a new, empty project. Then SL also crashes. The message from “no response” can be clearly seen in the work window (popUp).
I’ll wait and see what the support will give me in response. Thanks for the thoughts

Hi @hesemusik, what’s your graphic card (exact model and drivers) ?
Since you use a ten years old CPU (2011) I suspect the GPU you use might not meet the official requirements. For instance if you use the Intel Graphics from this CPU, it’s a HD Graphics 2000 which does not meet the requirements (HD 2000 supports OpenGL 3.1 and DX10.1, while SL7 requires OpenGL 3.3 or DX11).

All the requirements are listed here: System Requirements

Hi Robin, thank you for your reponse. I think that the overall age of the PC really is decisive for the errors.
My Intel graphics card is operated with a driver from 05/19/2016, version I can only find “Intel HD Graphics”. I don’t have any more information about the graphics card.

Regards Heinz

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Ok, indeed if what you see is “Intel HD Graphics” it means it relies on the Intel CPU, and the one you have is too old for SpectraLayers 7 requirements.

HI @hesemusik
This gentleman was very helpful.try and send a email c/o Joaquin Felipe Garcia to (Steinberg Support).


you do realise that Robin is the developer of Spectralayers ? There is no point in emailing Steinberg Support as Robin has already answered. :slight_smile: