Crash suggestion

Hi there,

I have a suggestion for Cubase, but I don’t know if it’s at all possible. I guess it would have already been implemented if so.

My suggestion is this:

Upon loading a project, whenever Cubase cannot load a VST instrument plugin, could it be made that the instrument plugin is ignored and a warning pops up “this plugin has become corrupted for some reason”?

The MAJOR issue and pain in the bum I have had over the past few versions of Cubase is the instant crash with no crash dump. Cubase just closes. I have lost many projects due to this. For some reason, Native Instruments Kontakt appears to make it happen sometimes but not others. Now it’s Synthogy Ivory. Reinstalling any offending plugin doesn’t fix the issue. The issue is with Cubase and how it handles plugins. I guess silent crashes causing project corruption?

My workaround:
I have to keep going into the project in Safe Mode, figure out which plugin, remove it, copy MIDI info and save insert chains, then reload project and start fresh with a new instance of the plugin(s).

This instant crash bug is really making me want to use another DAW, because projects ALWAYS become corrupted. It’s so frustrating. It occurs on EVERY single production project, however doesn’t affect any mixing projects as I’m not using VST instruments.

Sorry for the rant. It’s just Cubase is unusable for production work. It’s one of the main reasons I stopped producing music years ago because Cubase always crashes. I’ve reinstalled Windows, reinstalled all software. It always occurs. There is no solution other than to migrate to another DAW.


Cubase is doing this for all VST and VSTi. This is, how the VST/VSTis come to the blocklist. There is a test, that Cubase triggers with every single new plug-in. If the plug-in doesn’t pass the test, it will be blocklisted. Of course, the test cannot cover all use cases (none test covers 100% of the software), so there are still cases when the plug-in crashes even if it passed the test.

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Thanks Martin.

I apologise for voicing my frustrations earlier. I’ll have to update a few plugins to newer versions and see if that helps, and try to figure out what’s making projects become corrupted in the first place. There’s likely a simple explanation I haven’t figured out yet.

I’ll figure it out.

Cheers, Jim.