Crash to Desktop entering line breaks in Staff Labels (Edit Instrument)

I’m encountering a persistent crash-to-desktop when I try and edit instrument names and add line breaks in the name.

I have no idea what this might be, so is there any chance I can send in a file and have it looked at?

You can certainly send in the project, but you should also send us your crash logs. Do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send the resulting zip file.

My guess is that you might be going too fast for Dorico. If the project is very large, changing the instrument names after you confirm the Edit Instrument Names dialog can take a few seconds. What if you wait until you see the score display itself update after you confirm the dialog and before you try editing the next name?

Hi Daniel, may I send the file and a crash report to you then?

This sounds like a reasonable guess, but for me when this is happening the crash-to-desktop happens a few seconds after confirming the first (and, in my case actually, only) instrument edit, with no additional commands made of Dorico while it processes.

Yes, of course you can send it to me. My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.