CRASH: to many controllers

Nuendo 5.1.1
OSX 10.6.6

Nuendo crashes when entering too many controllers into generic remote :frowning:

  1. new session
  2. device setup
  3. add generic remote
  4. under generic remote, import attached XML file
  5. click “add” (under the “export” button)
  6. try to add 10 more controllers
  • Nuendo crashes every time
  • importing xml’s with large number of controllers also crashes Nuendo

See attached crash report.
nuendo crash after adding (15.5 KB) (5.1 KB)

Not trying to be facetious, but why would you need 10 generic controllers added?

It is the same on Windows 7, but please note that it only happens after adding controllers to the more than 1000 entries that already exist in your XML file. 8 x 127 controllers = 1016 values. Add another 10 and you are exceeding 1024 controllers or 2^10.
If you need this many controllers you could simply create a second generic remote using the same MIDI inputs and outputs.

It shouldn’t crash. It should at least work for all controllers for each midi channel. 16x127. That what it was designed to do and allows you to do.

It also crashes if your XML has more then 1024 and then you load it.

Trying to design a complex controller for iPad.

Hui supports more controllers then this and nuendo doesn’t crash.