Crash trying to open score editor.

First, I was delighted when the DHL truck came yesterday and delivered my Cubase 6 upgrade. Quickly found my first problem. Every time I try to open a file in the score editor Cubase immediately crashes. Every time.

I’m on a iMac core2duo 2,4 Ghz, 4 gb ram, OSX 10.6.6.



Oh dear, that’s disappointing.
Was this while opening a specific old project, or does it happen when you open any project?
(I can’t imagine that they’d not spot a crash when opening the Score Editor within a newly-created project, surely?)

I had just imported a midi file into a blank project and wanted to print out the bass line. No way. I’m installing on to the Windows 7 side of my iMac at the moment. We’ll see what happens on the other side. :smiley:

(I presume that same MIDI file opens without problem in Cubase 5?)

It opened fine in C4, I never had C5.
Just a normal General Midi file. Plays fine.

Any news here?

Just installed C6 on Mac OS X 10.6.6, here the score editor doesn’t crash and opens normally both in new and in old projects so it must be a preferences thing (I started with new preferences).

For me there is one good and one bad news concerning the score editor (you can’t have everything at once;-)

The good news is that there are no accidental vertical lines anymore when you record in the score editor like in Cubase 5, but the bad news is that when you record in the score editor everything sounds staccato and gets also recorded as short notes… AAARGH!!!

This seems to be a long-winded problem because there’s always something wrong with recording in the score editor, in Cubase 5.1 the same error with staccato notes would appear if during recording you were reaching the part boundery and lenghtening it, Cubase would even crash then… then in 5.5 they resolved the crash but there were those annoying vertical lines that came up during recording. Now Cubase does not crash nor produce the vertical lines but it only records staccato notes… I hope they can finally get it right in an update.

But I noticed two other bugfixes: you can delete multiple workspaces at once again and when switching between workspaces with MIDI Editors involved these now stay at their original position again (in 5.5 the key editor would always jump to the top of the screen). Hooray!

Cool. Nice to know those lines are gone too. I won’t even comment on the other thing. Thanks.

Ok, I trashed preferences, repaired permissions, and have now tried to open the score editor in a number of different projects. No luck. It opens the editor in a small window and in what seems like less than a second or two, Cubase crashes and asks me if I want to reopen.

Anyone else with this problem? Should I save and upload to the forum a crash report?


That sounds like you need to set up the Printer Page Setup dialog.
Can you at least open the Score Editor o.k. if you create a new, empty Project, and create a MIDI track with an empty Part on it? If so (Score should open up in Edit Mode), go straight to File menu>Page Setup, and check that it is o.k. for your printer.
If that isn’t it, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas at the moment.

It certainly wouldn’t do any harm to attach a crashlog (in the hope that someone from Steinberg actually looks at it :wink: )

John, are you sure that after trashing the C6 preferences and before reopening C6 you have renamed the Cubase 4 preferences folder?

If not, C6 will import your old C4 preferences again and you will likely have the same problem as before.

As I said, on my system the score editor opens just fine, so it doesn’t seem to be a bug in general.

Cubase 4 was never installed on this machine. This is on a fresh OS install, with no other version of Cubase on it. I don’t think I would need to install C4 first, would I?

By the way, on the bootcamped Windows 7 install, everything is fine. I feel more comfortable working in OSX though. Contrary to what I’ve been reading about OSX and Windows 7, it seemed performance is better for me in OSX. Maybe the CoreAudio drivers for my MAudio Firewire 1814 are better than the ASIO, who knows. Seemed like every time I made a mouse click in the Windows there was a click or a pop in the audio. Maybe need to find and update the video card drivers in W7 for the iMac?

I’d rather get to making music though, instead of having to research and track down all the solutions to these problems.


Started over with another fresh OS install, this time reformatting before installation and updating to 10.6.6 with the combo update. During the first run of Cubase, I got the message to install Rosetta to run VSTbridge, which I installed the first time around. This time I removed the plugins that were needing this, Tonic, Embracer, and one other, don’t remember off hand.

The problems I was having with first install are all gone. I can open Score Editor without crashing and my performance at lower latencies has improved.

Don’t know exactly what might have been causing the problem, but it’s gone. Everything working great here.

Knock on wood!!!


good news :wink:

I’m having problems also with the score editor, using c 6. 01 and .02 when I close the S. editor and move or copy the region/clip to another track Cubase crash (ALWAYS)…

Any idea??

MAC 10.6.7 64 bits (cubase 6.02 32 bits)