Crash upon Cubase 9 launch - [update] related to external video monitor


Many thanks in advance for any help provided.

Cubase 9 crashes upon launch. I have attached the crash log. I have recently added a few items… upgraded to Ableton 10 and installed Omnisphere 2 (legitimately purchased and licensed), but I believe Cubase has opened and run correctly after those additions. I have no idea what’s going on now.
Cubase 9_2018-08-21-115750_Martins-MacBook-Pro.crash (71.8 KB)

MacBook Pro (late 2013) 2.3 GHz i7
MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
Cubase 9.0.40
UA Apollo Interfaces running v9.5.2 of the UA Software

This may have been an eLicenser issue. After reading another thread, I updated/reinstalled my eLicenser Control Center. Cubase launches now, so perhaps that was the only issue.

No, this is not an eLicenser issue. It appears to related to changes in my interface configuration. When I launch Cubase with my full setup (2 rackmount Apollos and 1 Apollo Twin), everything is fine. If I then connect to a mobile setup (with just the Apollo Twin), Cubase crashes upon launch.

Anyone have any ideas?

OK, the crash is not related to the audio interface config. I’ve now narrowed the issue down to the video monitor that I have connected to my laptop. If I launch Cubase under normal circumstances (with the external video monitor connected to my laptop), everything is great. If I launch Cubase without the external video monitor connected, it crashes. That’s the only variable… the external video monitor.

Any thoughts? Anyone?

Hi and welcome,

It crashes directly in Cubase. I can’t see any link to any other plug-in or HW device.

I would recommend to try to trigger First Aid from Disk Utilities. You can try to run Cubase in Safe Start Mode or Trash Cubase preferences.

Cubase 9.0 is not in the development anymore. So there is nothing to fix from developers. If nothing above help, download Cubase 9.5 Trial and try it. If it crashes, share the *.crash file here, please. If it doesn’t crash, consider to update.