Crash using audio alignment with .dmp file

I use Intel(R) HD Graphics. I never had this problem with Cubase 11, I only have this problem with Cubase 12.

This issue appears when I click (Cancel)

Someone with the same problem?

Have you started in Safe Mode with disabled preferences yet to test?

I did that and still had the same problem.

The pictures are nice, but I’m not sure there is enough info to test this.

Can you do it like this?
How to report a bug in Cubase

OK. I will create this topic

Don’t create a topic, just add to this one.

It indeed shows an error message, then Cubase crashes when you close the project.
On the subsequent launch, the safe mode window clearly states that the crash was due to audioalignment.dll

Here is the crash dump :
Cubase 64bit 2022.5.1 (769.7 KB)


True, there is this error. Hope it gets fixed in the next update.

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Thank you @Louis_R

Do I understand correctly that you did that exact reproduction sequence? If there was anything else you had to do can you post that please?

Once I see your answer I’ll get it reported to Steinberg.

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In the audio alignment I only had this problem. Thank you very much! I hope it gets fixed in the next update.

Yes Steve, that was the only steps I had to follow.
I’m precising again:

  1. Edit an Audio Event with VariAudio (just modifying the pitch of one note is enough)
  2. Open the Audio Alignment window
  3. As reference track, select the track you just edited with VariAudio
  4. A pop-up will prompt you to apply the VariAudio as a new file
  5. Click Cancel


  • “A serious problem has occured” error message should appear right away
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This has been reported.


Thank you Steve !

Cubase 64bit 2022.5.7 (1.8 MB)

There is this problem. It has to be fixed in the next update.

Just to say I tried using this tool today and exactly the same issue occurred. Apart from that everything seems stable at the moment. Thanks for putting forward the crash dumps.



@MarkRB, This problem does not happen in version 12.0.0, only in the latest versions.

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Will this issue be fixed in the next update?