Crash when activate audio track

I need help here. I’ve built this template - my first Nuendo template. But when I activate the audio tracks, save, quit, and reopen, it crashes. I cannot figure this out. It would be much appreciated if any of you let me know if you find this template session to be stable after activating a handful of audio tracks, saving, quitting, and reopening. (1.04 MB)

Couldn’t replicate the crash here. I enabled the DX tracks, saved, closed and reopened. Then I enabled the SFX tracks, saved, closed and reopened again without issue.

Nice template btw. I’m going to steal some of the routing. :slight_smile:


Thanks, let me know if there are any issues with the routing – I haven’t really used it yet :smiley:

I am coming from Pro Tools and in the middle of designing the template I am running into these crashes after activating tracks. Does anyone know what could be causing such behavior?

I can solve the crash with a strange work around in my other post here:

Seems like vstconnect.bundle was the issue:

Upon further testing it looks like dearVRSpatialConnect.bundle is the culprit actually.

Glad you got it sorted.