Crash when changing player name (3.3 MB)
When doing these steps Dorico crashes in a lot of my projects. (Not when new peojects though…)

  1. Double click a player name in Setup (to change the name)
  2. Without deselecting, double click a new player name.
  3. Crash!

Can you attach a project in which you find this reproducibly crashes? I’m certainly unable to reproduce it on demand here.

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Thanks @dspreadbury , I’ll send it to you in a private mail if that’s ok.
Did you see the crash log in my first post?


I tried to reproduce the crash now but now everything works fine, of course… :thinking:
I wonder if this has anything to do with that the program often gets slower in large projects after a couple of hours of work without restarting Dorico or rebooting the computer.

I had this happen today too. If it matters it was with a Trumpet name using a flat token (or maybe it was the Clarinet with a flat token). Works fine now of course. I was on a deadline and just kept working, but I think this was from when it crashed.
Dorico (2.7 MB)

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@FredGUnn , that might be the case for me too when I’m thinking of what happened.

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