Crash when Dorico sits for a while

I recently moved my Dorico license from my laptop to my iMac, since I have to teach from home again this semester. Everything seemed to go well, but if I leave Dorico sitting for a while unused, it will suddenly crash. When it does this, I have to go into Activity Monitor (I’m on Mac OS 11) and shut down the VST engine before I can restart Dorico. I’ve tried reinstalling the program from scratch, but it didn’t help. Everything is up-to-date (OS, Dorico, and E-licenser). Any ideas? It’s not really keeping me from working, but it is annoying. I’m including the Diagnostics files Dorico (591.4 KB)


I can see two different problems in the crash logs. One is a crash inside the BBCSO plugin, so check to see that you have the latest version of that. The other seems to happen when one of your MIDI devices changes. I think it’s the Bluetooth MIDI driver. We are investigating a similar problem at the moment.

Thanks Paul,
I just updated the BBCSO player this week and it still did it one time. I can disable the Bluetooth driver if that will help because at the moment I am not using that device.


I would advise reporting the BBCSO crash to Spitfire, as it’s beyond our control.