Crash when editing beams in cues

Hello. I’ve found a reproducible crash while editing cues. To reproduce, go to the Double Bass part and try to edit the first lonely beam on the 2nd measure.

crash cues.dorico (505.5 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. We should be able to prevent the crash, but you’re in the realm of undefined behaviour here: it’s an ingenious way to try to squeeze the cue into a single staff, but it’s a bit of an edge case. Actually editing the beam will have funny results because the other notes in the beam are present in the layout, but they’re in a separate beam in a different clef. If you can find another way to do this cue, I’d recommend it.

Thank you Daniel.
I cannot think of another way to make the cue in the particular case where I’ve found the crash that doesn’t include notes from both staves. I might as well leave the part without the cue, the player will live without it, but in the case of harp notation, where cross-staff notes are common, it would be neat to have a collapsed or condensed cue in one single staff (and the same goes to keyboard instruments, for instance).