Crash when editing system text

This is a problem that has always been through all versions of Dorico I’ve used.
I like to create system text instead of rehearsal marks so I can name them “intro”, “verse” and so on. But when trying to edit these texts, Dorico just crashes, the program just ends and I have to restart it.
I attach a diagnostic report.
Dorico (1.0 MB)

Can you attach a project that reproduces the problem, and the steps required to reproduce it? Hopefully we’ll be able to fix it if you can provide us with a reproducible case.

Seven Nation Army.dorico (868.7 KB)
Here, in any of the full score or custom score layouts it seems, entering any of the text boxes shuts the program down for me. Either by double clicking or selecting and pressing enter.
It doesn’t happen in the instrumental score layouts though.

Thanks very much for providing the file. I can see what’s going wrong here, and we’ll try to get a fix into the next update.

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