Crash when exporting audio


Since 1 year I am a very happy Cubase 5 Essentials user. The software always have been running smoothly and I’ve never had no crashes before at all.
Since approx. 1 week I am running a few new external VST-plugins which I’ve downloaded as freeware. (Plugins: iloSynth1_v1.6, LaserBlade-Pro-2011, superwave-p8-16, TranceDrive-VSTi). The plugins have worked OK for 2 to 3 days, but when I want to export the session as a WAVE-file (or as any other format) the process crashes everytime and I get the next errors after each other:

I expect the external plugins to be the reason of the crash as I have never had troubles with the standard original plugins which come with Cubase Essential 5. I already tried to open the backup file, but this made no difference.
I also deleted and re-downloaded the plugins and changed the location of the plugin folder. But the software keeps crashing when exporting as audio file.

To be clear: the software only crashes when I use this specific (damaged?) session. All my other sessions work fine.

Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel QuadCore Q8200 @ 2.33 GHz
Only USB-applications running: Behringer UMX490 MIDI-keyboard, Behringer C-1U USB-Mic and eLicenser.

I hope somebody recognizes the errors, and knows a way to fix the session.

Thanks alot in advance,


Sure they weren’t demo versions and not free thus export has been dis-abled for them? Locators set correctly and not backwards? Tried Realtime Export?

As far as I know it were no demo versions, but I will double-check this.
Locators were set fine. Will try realtime export!

Thnx for thinking with me, will come back at it a.s.a.p. :slight_smile:


Oh, Vista!! If you have another computer with a different OS, I would try exporting on that. Another thing I might try as a last resort would be trashing prefs, though I’m not sure how succesful that would be when the plugins are obviously the problem. However, your VST filters in the prefs could be set wrong.

Try saving your project under a different name. I would still be on the watch for other projects/features with these plugins to be messed up as well.