Crash when freezing instrument tracks

Ok, so this occurs at the end of the freeze process, after the progress indicator reaches 100%.
When you reopen the project it is obviously the last saved version and therefore the freeze has not been applied.
However, if I search the project folder, I find the file has been created and can be opened and listened to.

There are no disabled tracks in the project and render in place works as expected.
I realise I could use render in place as a substitute however freezing has some distinct advantages so I’d prefer to use that.

My system - Cubase Pro 9.0.20, Windows 10 Home 64, AMD FX-8150, AS Rock motherboard, 16gb RAM

One interesting point is this. I had the exact same issue with Cubase 8, however, that was on a different machine running Windows 7 Ultimate.
I knew I was upgrading and thought that doing so would rectify the problem. Unfortunately this was not the case.


Yup I have that 4 times a day. Doing more sound designery stuff Im rendering in place all the time. There is no rhyme or reason to it and I have seen similar comments going back a while now. I “think” the crash or freeze happens when Cubase goes to create a new track to place the rendered output on but I dont know. Would be nice if they could deal with this.

L8N has a crash when freezing an instrument track, and Guy99 has a freeze when using Render in Place, correct?

Can you both share crash dumps of when this happens? They can be found in C:\Users<Username>\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps