Crash when grouping dynamics


On several (different) occasions now Dorico has crashed after I invoked the “group dynamics” command.
At first I thought it had to do with (de-)crescendos that were overlapping initially, but when I tried to reproduce it in a new document, it worked.

Are there any known limits to what can or cannot be selected when invoking this? I had selected two bars across 4 or 5 staves last time, and not only was all the dynamic selected but also all other content in those bars. On other occasions that has never been a problem the other times.

Is this already known?
If not, then I’ll try to look at this in greater detail.

Greetings, E.

Having other items selected shouldn’t be a problem, that certainly should not crash Dorico. I you are able to reproduce the problem, it would be great if you could attach a project file demonstrating this.

Thanks for your reply, Stefan.

I’ll report back if I find something.