Crash when I freeze track

Hi. My Cubase 9.5.30 crashes when I freeze the track. The freezing process starts and lasts untill the end , but after that Cubase will not responding … I should use “Finish Process” function at my PC to close the Cubase. Then I open it again and try to freeze that track again but with the same result. I have attached two latest crash dumps. Could you help me , please?
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.11 18.52.dmp (1.28 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.11 18.51.dmp (796 KB)


Please update to Cubase 9.5.41. Does it crash after?

Yes, I’ve done it, but the problem still exists. Freezing leads to crash.
But after that update Cubase has stopped to create crash dumps files (at the proper folder) AT ALL.


Both crashes are in the Serum.

Do you mean I should remove Serum from the project and everything should be OK?


I hope so. And get in touch with the vendor, please.

Well, the thing is… there is no any Serum instances in the project…
I’ve just checked that out.
Why did you think about it?

Then probably remove it completely? Both of the crashes were clearly in Serum.

Serum was never been there in the project…
There is no reasons for me to lie.

There also no reason for me to lie, that both of the crash were in Serum.

I mean, remove them from your plug-ins folder, or blacklist it, please.

I’ve deleted Serum from the plug-ins folder, updated all the plug-ins information in Plug-in manager. Restarted PC and…
Still the same issue. The freeze crashes Cubase and there is no new crash dumps files in the proper folder.

Then I’m sorry, but some Steinberg/Windows expert could probably have a look remotely and help. Probably someone from Steinberg support.

It would be very nice. How could I arrange it? You are very famous and respectful person here so could you help me to get some more attention from Steinberg support than regular user to solve my problem as soon as it possible, please?


I’m sorry, I cannot offer more, than just to advice you to rise a ticket via the Steinberg Support system, which you can find in your MySteinberg account.

Myself, I’m not Windows expert, I’m sorry.

Just for your info, one of the resolved crash dump has only this in the stack:


The second one has this in the stack:


As you can see, there is no Cubase in the stack at all. Only Serum.

New ideas:

Are you really sure the plug-in has not been never used in the project? Does the project come from a Template by any chance? Do you use any §rd part VST hosts like NI Komplete Kontrol, or NI Machine…?

Btw, it looks somehow similar to this (unused plug-in crashes after freeze).

Hi, Martin.

I have found he solution.

The thing is not about some vsti or OS issues.

The thing is about CPU overload when Cubase has a huge project with dozens of instrument tracks and when I try to freeze the one track , well, it looks like Cubase try to freeze that track AND be ready to play the other tracks which is in sinc at the time line. Of course it leads to overload and crash the Cubase.

Doesn’t matter I am right or not theorethically, BUT the simple sulution that I’ve found based on that idea is:
If you need to freeze the track , you need just SOLO that track before and the freezing process would be done smooth and without the risk od crash.

I’ve checked that solution out on many of my very very huge projects and it’s working 100%… No any single crash!
Some of my friends-producers who have the same issue checked that solution out and have the same 100% positive result.

I think that info worth to be shared because I know that problem exists since Cubase 5 and there was no solutin till now.


Thank you for the info Otchenga Zoom, I will pass it over to Steinberg.

Otchenga Zoom, MAN!!! You are genius!!! Yesterday I was searching for the solution of this problem about 6 hours and actually I gave up. I use Cubase for 16 uears and it’s the first time I experienced this issue. I wish I found this threat earlier :wink: So simple solution :laughing: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!