Crash when moving parts

Since Nuendo 7, moving parts from a track to an other can cause some random crashes!
It happend two times. The fist time I thought it was a corrupt sound file so I deleted the sound from the track, the second time it happened with 3 different sound just after I created 4 new tracks, I couldn’t move these parts without crash, so I closed the mixer and the Edit channel windows and it was ok.
It never occurs with nuendo 6.
Did someone have the same problem?

Windows 7 64 bit pro service pack 1
Asus mother board with I7 @ 3ghz and 12 go Ram
Western Digital Velociroptor for system data
Western Digital Black for Audio data
Western Digital Black Raid for video
Nvidia Gtx 670 video card with 3 DVI output
Blackmagic extrem 3d+ for HD video output
Sonic core pulsar 2+ running scope 5.1
All the setup is clocked with my Mackie DXB 200 via AES audio clock

All works great since nuendo 5 to nuendo 6.5
But nuendo 7 crash sometimes.
I won’t install Windows 10 now, it’s too early…I prefer waiting for a stable and bug free version.

I also got this in 6.5.40, in a project migrating from 5.5.6. It happened only on certain tracks, they were eq-ed with equality mono. Events were not following automation. Did not happen in either N7 or N5. But the HDD failed few days later, not the system drive, just the project drive, did not check it afterwards if it still crashes.

Do you use Altiverb7 ?

Attach a crash dump to this topic.


i got a similar crash, when moving a audiopart down to create a new track.
i tried it 2 times and then did a workaround.

crashdump here:

That crash log indicates the crash was in mini_v2.dll which I assume is the Arturia instrument.

weird! it might be activated but not active in this track is was trying to create with this copy action…

Thanks for the input! i will now look at the arturia plugs more cautiously!