Crash when new midi keyboard powers up or shuts down

Whenever I start my Yamaha NU1X when Dorico is already running, or when the NU1X auto powers off, Dorico crashes.

Any solutions?



Sorry. Just to add NU1X is also seen as a new additional audio interface

The first thing to try is to make sure you don’t have a MIDI feedback loop going: go to the Play page of Preferences and click the ‘MIDI Input Devices’ button, and ensure that only the single input device corresponding to the keyboard is selected.

If that’s no good, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report to create a zip file on your desktop that you can then attach to a reply here so we can take a further look.

Thanks Daniel. It can be intermittent so will send you the Diag Report when it next occurs.

If you’ve had a crash in the last couple of days, then the log should be included in the zip file anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt to try it now and attach it here.