Crash when opening a project

Good afternoon,
After a cubase crash, I can’t open one of my projects anymore. Cubase crashes again everytime I try to open it, and it does so on all my computers. What should I do?
It has happened to me a few times this year…


Most often these crashes are plug-in related. You could try to rename all plug-ins folder and open the project. Does it work?

Well that was easy! I managed to open the project.
Any idea how I could figure out which plugin is fucking up everything? Apart from deleting/renaming them one by one and see when it crashes?

First you could try to update all of them. If it’s still crashing Cubase, you can keep half of them in Cubase and try it. If it crashes, Take the half of the half, etc. This is the fastest method.

Dichotomy is the fastest indeed! :wink:

Lucas… Martin has been helping me with my crash problem for a while. I eliminated any off-brand plug-ins (and stopped rewiring Reason at Steinberg’s suggestion) but it still crashed. I don’t want to confuse your issue, but here’s what I was doing:
When the project crashed Cubase, I would do a complete machine restart and then the project would load fine (every time… weird, eh?).
The last thing I did was to not use “File/Recent Projects” to open it. I used “File/Open” and it loaded fine 2 days in a row. If that’s a fix, I’ll live with it.

Just wondering if these would work for anyone else.


I always try restarting the computer before posting about a bug in a forum, that’s the first thing I try. And I always open my projects manually (from the Finder), but it still crashed. So in my case it must be one of the plugins…

Thanks. I hope you don’t need to rename your plugins every day…