Crash when opening foreign cpr's

Every time I try to open a cpr file saved from another system, it crashes cubase.
When it asks where the sample libraries are I click skip and it crashes. Every time.
It’s happened from 2 different systems suggesting an issue with mine.

Both systems are running Cubase 8 Pro and both on Mac pro’s.

Any thoughts appreciated

I guess it could be a version difference. I am staying with Cubase 8 even though I have 9. Not keen on the changes, workflow slows down tremendously, until I get my head around it.

I need to find out what the latest version 8 release is. Because I have purchased 9, I can’t see my available v8 downloads.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Latest update is here.

If you uninstalled and deleted the installer then you’ll need to ask Steinberg for a link.